Vicodin cold water extraction is a method by which any opium derivative is removed from a pain killer medication such as Vicodin. Some people are into the habit of using pain killers for frivolous purposes and they get into addiction to such pills which have opiates in them. Vicodin is one such pill. Hence by this process, the addictive material is removed from Vicodin, making it unusable recreational by habitual pill seekers. A special group of painkillers such as acetaminophen (Tylenol, APAP, etc.) are mostly present with the opium derivatives to make an analgesic effective. Most analgesics come in a ratio with the pain killers. Just in case a person has to take a pill that contains Vicodin and APAP in the ratio of 15 mg/500 mg, and he has to take 180 mg of Vicodin, he would have to consume 6000 mg of APAP, which would cause great damage to the liver.

The best solution to the above problem is Vicodin cold water extraction. It will dissolve the opiate drug in the water, and leave the other constituents behind. These other painkillers do not dissolve in water at the same temperature that opiates do. This means that Vicodin gets dissolved in cold water leaving behind other pain killer constituents at that particular temperature. Since only Vicodin is dissolved, the desired dose of Vicodin can now be consumed without causing damage to the liver. This process is very easy to do, very fast, and also very effective.

The mainstay of Vicodin cold water extraction is to know how to proceed with the process. First of all it is very important to know what exactly we are looking to separate from Vicodin. If any pills contain caffeine in it, this process cannot remove it. The process is simple.

Vicodin is crushed and mixed thoroughly in lukewarm water. As soon as it is mixed, the solution has to be cooled, mostly in the fridge. The soluble material stays in the water and the insoluble material settles at the bottom, which can then easily be filtered out, which is also called decantation.
Vicodin Cold Water Extraction
This process is put to use by foremost medicine companies as well as many research personnel in the advancement of some type of drugs with Vicodin. Many medications to relieve pain have been manufactured by utilization of this simple and effective process.

Even if this procedure of extracting Vicodin is considered to be the safest, any procedure which revolves around medicine and health should be dealt with, with utmost care and caution. An expert medical advice is always suggested for the better utilization of an established process, by which the opiate derivative present in Vicodin will get separated from other substances, making it reasonably comfortable for the liver to absorb. Vicodin is very effective in controlling pain but too much pain killers are considered to be harmful to the liver, hence judicious use of this cold water extracting process of Vicodin can provide the effectiveness of the pill, excluding the harm to the body.