Water extraction process is a method by which codeine, hydrocodone, or oxycodone is separated from APAP or ibuprofen, but caffeine is retained. When followed in a particular time-proven process, this method can be very effective, fast, and safe.

Water extraction process starts with crushing up the pills very thoroughly so that no lumps of the pill is left. Proportion of 10 crushed pills to 50 ml of water is ideal. Too much of water can spoil the efficacy of the extract. On the other hand too less water might lead to a pasty substance, which cannot be separated. So the important factor is to add just the correct amount of water preferably using an eye dropper. After the crushed pills are put in water, they should be stirred thoroughly, so that all the clumps are gone.

This mixture is then poured into a small bowl, covered, and refrigerated. It should get cold and not freeze. This generally does not take much time. The APAP can be felt to crystalize if a finger is stuck into the cold refrigerated mixture and then rubbed against another finger. This mixture now needs to be filtered. For this purpose a closely-woven undyed cotton washcloth can be used. The back of a dress shirt or a plain muslin also works very well.
water extraction filtration

If the cloth is too loosely woven, crystals will pass on into the filtered liquid, which is not desired. This cloth piece should be kept soaked in cold water during the time that the mixture is kept for refrigerating. The cloth should then be placed in a coffee-filter cone and when the solution is ready, it should be poured slowly and entirely over the cloth in the filter cone. The cloth is then removed and solution is squeezed through it. A cloudy solution comes out. This cloudy solution should be again filtered with the filter previously wet down with ice water. The solution that is now present is the result of the water extraction process. It is devoid of the APAP substance present in the drugs like oxycodone, codeine, hydrocodone, etc.

The mainstay of this process is that all substances do not dissolve in water at the same temperature. Some substances require a higher temperature and some require lower temperatures. Here this property is made use of. The APAP substances do not dissolve in cold water that easily, whereas codeine, Vicodin, oxycodone do. Hence when APAP settles as the left over material, the rest gets dissolved in the cold water and hence can be filtered out. The amount of filtered material required can vary depending upon the quantity of dosage to be taken.
water extraction process
Though this is a trustworthy and traditional process, since it is related to medication and healthcare, an expert medical opinion and supervision is warranted. No chances of either over or lower dosing of medications should be taken. Appropriate supervision of this process can yield the optimum result that is desired. This is a simple, effective, and very fast process to separate out opiate derivatives from a particular pain killer.